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Japan — Spring 2012
A trip to Tokyo and its vicinity, with sakuras blooming everywhere
Airbus A380-800 before takeoff A human is as tall as two blocks Crown Prince's palace Nakano district Akari is making a call Akari again Dough fish with sweetened azuki beans
Motomachi Shopping Street The target of our journey Observatory on the 69th floor (750 m/min = 45 km/h = 28 mph)
On average 1°C and a strong wind (in Tokyo 15°C) (shrine maiden)
View from Southern tower from 45th floor You can find many of these on the streets in front of restaurants
The only target of my trip With light and sound effects too It takes 80 years for it to arrive here On a bus Fujikyu Highland is in the background
Ground Self-Defense Force and Depot of the Air Self-Defense Force Dumplings made from rice flour covered in red bean paste
Right next to the Mizuho district Alej
Built on artificial islands The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation The surface is animated Everything is perfectly clear 1,5 km trip is ahead of us Tokyo Tower is in the middle
The famous intersection Petals raining Last day shopping